” Lo-Fi Slacker Garage-a-Billy Cluck Rock “

Legend has it famous actor James Coburn was first to bring Dirt Roosters to world wide attention…

Apparently, while taking a break from filming his iconic western, “Duck, You Sucker!”, James and long time friends, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong dropped two hits of Orange Sunshine, hopped in a 56’ Hudson and headed out to see the infamous king of hipsters, Lord Buckley.

It was Lord Buckley himself who shoved an 8-track cartridge of Dirt Roosters, now legendary bootleg recording, “Live at Budokan” into the dashboard player. 

There, in all its glory, blared garage-rock punkabilly country-thrash-ska the likes of which had not been heard since Bruce Lee and Salvador Dali quit the Beatles. 

Dumbfounded, the listeners were assaulted by stone crushing Cro-Magnon beats delivered by rock drummer, Dave Sinclair. 

Thunderous thumps of impossible funk crept up through the bottom of their souls thanks to Bass Master Scott Maurer. 

Searing chunk, heavenly drunk, sonorous stilettos of guitar tones dealt by the deft hands of Grego Andree and flintstonian footed Derek Magdalik…

…and just when the unsuspecting group of stunned audionauts reached a life altering zenith of musical mayhem, they found themselves sonically soothed by the crooning smooth vocal and acoustic guitar tones of 80’s icon Barry Volk. 

It was then Mary Greenwood and Lady Tesa Bulatao, the duo of sultry singing sirens, lured them toward a deep audio ecstasy only experienced by those whose ears and spirits have been graced by the glory of…Dirt Roosters.

As the Dalai Lama would say, “Fuckin’ A!”

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Lo-Fi Slacker Garage-a-Billy Cluck Rock